We get letters ...

I have no idea how you managed to let her go! She is just the sweetest little pup. And I can't get over how friendly and outgoing she is.                          J.C.

[He] is a delightful little fellow. He is settling in nicely. He is doing well with toilet training and with his collar. It will still be quite a while before we understand everything he is saying but I know that will happen. Thank you for bringing up such a great pup.    C & M

Thank you again so much for giving us a chance to own an Alaskan Klee Kai. We can't imagine a life without Koda now. He's wonderful!           Cheers!

Puppies are not 'property'.  Puppies are 'unconditional love for a lifetime'.  Finding a 'home' for our puppies is our goal. You will appreciate that to do this  we screen applications carefully with an eye to family/home environment, available time for and commitment to a puppy. If you're contemplating life with a Klee Kai, please take time to carefully read About Klee Kai and this page before you download the Prospective Owner Questionnaire pdf, complete and email it.  

TumbleWeed and Ruby


AliAK DArKK female

TW (TumbleWeed)

Traditional Black/White female

All four boast the AKK form, size and the unique natural thermal layered protection against both extreme hot and cold weathers.  As they reach adulthood, maintaining the thermal protection and plush, silken coat requires nothing more than infrequent bathing and, during the twice-yearly "blow", gentle but thorough brushing and/or combing. Perhaps best done out of doors!

The Siberian White Alaskan Klee Kai is now recognized for registration by the United Kennel Club respecting their genetic heritage within the breed along with the Traditional Black/White, Aliak DArKK and the Silver Grey.

See breeding pairs below.


Siberian White male

The KleeCan breeding team

  • I carefully read and respond to all Prospective Owner Questionnaires.
  • Because of the very many queries that we receive and the years it could/would take to fulfill them all, I do not keep you bound to a wait list, nor do I accept deposits. 
  • Rather, I suggest that you keep in touch with us every two or three months to be updated on the availability of puppies or otherwise to be free to carry on your search for other breeders or breeds.
  • Pricing, and terms of sale for puppies, will be discussed when a puppy is available and a request is negotiated.
  • All KleeCan sales are by contract which will be fully explained and agreed to before the sale is finalized.
  • When it's time to take your puppy home, I supply a 'care package' containing various goodies and a booklet entitled "New Puppy Manual" that will help you through the early days and weeks with your new companion.
  • Transportation of a puppy from our home to yours will be by mutual agreement. Seasons, travel times, etc. will be taken into consideration.

To download the prospective owners questionnaire please click HERE 

Roger will get back to you as quickly as possible but during busy times it may take up to ten days. Thank you for your understanding and patience.   

TK (Takoolik)

AliAK DArKK male